Premier of “The Volunteer!”

Remember the feature film I was shooting in Waterloo in 2012?
Well the Premier will be on September 18, 2014 at 1130am at the Cinefest Sudbury Film Festival! Come one and all!
Here is a link to The Official Trailer of The Volunteer!”

My profile on IMDb

There is quite a bit known about my Television work but not much about the Films I’ve done…Well, I have added a new link to my Website where you can find out a little more about my Filmography: Sadly, not everyone I filmed with registered on Imdb…Oh well….Anyways I have new projects coming out all the time, both this year and next year too. I can’t wait…it’s the hardest part sigh…

A Brand New Year! Hello 2013:-)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!  Health, Peace & Prosperity for all! Last year was very inspiring and I am so motivated to see what 2013 will bring! I am presently in Toronto once again and will be back in Montreal the 17th of Jan. I am so motivated by the opportunities that have already cropped up this month:-) I am really looking forward to seeing the films I did in 2012 coming out this year and the impact they will make on the viewers…By the way I am available for meetings/auditions in Toronto this week on: January 9,10,11,12!

One Special Moment..

I heard from the Producer of the Feature Film I worked on in Waterloo and surrounding areas last August..this is what he wrote:
“Director just gave me a very rough cut of the film last night. It’s the first thing I saw since the filming in August, and I wanted to tell you how amazing your role  is…totally Oscar worthy!
(Oh, what a feeling….I can’t wait for this Movie to come out!)                               Update:  The film won’t be out of post-production for this year’s (2013)  festival it won’t come out until summer 2014..(Oh No!!)….sigh……It’s so hard to be patient, yet I know it will be worth waiting for…you know the old saying: “Good things come to those who wait…:-)”

In Toronto Friday the 24th until Monday 27th

Having an amazing experience working in Waterloo and surrounding areas, the people here are awesome!
Things are going so well on the film that I will finish early and will spend a long weekend in Toronto. Have a project you’re considering me for? Let’s meet! I am booking meetings/auditions for both Friday and Monday.
See you soon!

Toronto July 26 – July 29

Going back to Toronto this Thursday and have one day open!
I am available on Friday July 27 all day and evening. This is a great time to meet up and discuss your latest project!
Please note that I am unavailable between August 9-27 as I am shooting a Feature film in Kitchener/Waterloo.

Toronto June 13 – 20

I will be in Toronto and have a few free days to network, audition etc. So if you are considering me for one of your projects, now is the time to meet me while I’m here. Usually I am in and out with not a lot of time to spare. The days I am available are:
June 14 and 15.
Okay Toronto! Here I come:)